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Tips When Choosing Catering Services

download-5Simple meetings, family get together and even a special event like a wedding; these events surely provide individuals time with their friends, colleagues and relatives. These events also create special memories for individuals as they move forward with their daily work. Hence, if you are an organizer of an event, you must properly address every detail such as the location, decorations, tables and chairs. Other than that, an organizer must also consider the kind of meals that must be prepared in order to satisfy their guests as well as other individuals.

However, due to the demanding tasks of arranging an event; sometimes, you might forget certain details that can surely ruin all your plans. So, to help you have time for other tasks you need to accomplish before the event, it is more sensible to hire competent catering services. Listed below are some tips when choosing reliable caterers.

Food selection – Make sure that the catering service you will hire can provide vast selection of foods, meals and drinks to ensure that every individual in the event can choose the ideal food for him. In addition, in case that you have guests that have certain dietary plans, be sure that the catering service can offer special meals for them.

Food preparation – Cleanliness is essential when preparing and cooking meals. So, find a catering service that prepares food and meals neatly. Make sure that when they prepare food items, the service provider has good disposal units and a clean kitchen.

Food presentation – Other than the overall looks of the location and the design of tables and chairs, individuals must be sure that the catering service can provide amazing food presentation. This can entice your guests to try out the foods, meals and drinks that are prepared for them.

Food storage and cooking items – If you are organizing an event at a park be sure to look for catering services that have sufficient food storage to ensure that the meals are clean and fresh. It is also essential that you look for catering services that can provide you with cooking services to ensure that meals are served instantly and promptly.

With these simple tips, individuals can turn a simple gathering into a huge event with their friends, relatives and co-workers. You are also sure that you can enjoy delicious meals and drinks that can make the event better and more memorable for everyone.

Tips For Becoming a Professional Wedding Singer

OK, so you want to be a professional singer/vocalist? As a part-time vocal coach I hear people telling me every other week that they want to sing for a living. When we get into the conversation, I usually find this means they want to be instantly famous, having done little or no ‘work’ to achieve this lofty goal.

Here I’d like to point out to anyone interested that there is a great living to be made from singing at weddings, functions and events, while remaining in control of your life and hitherto unheard of.

The job doesn’t involve being chauffeured around to media appointments and ushered about by managers, publicists and record company big wigs. It does however entail getting yourself to gigs on time, under your own steam and performing to the best of your ability regardless of your mood and general wellbeing.

If you can sing to a professional standard (and by that I don’t mean mum and gran think you’re great, but that you can hold an audience for a couple of hours) then there is well paid work out there for singers of most popular styles.

In my 20 or so years of singing for money I have been lucky enough to sing with some great bands, as a solo artist and in duos and trios. I have sung rock classics, indie, pop, Motown, soul and pretty much everything else. Always ready to learn I have recently added classical to the list.

What makes us jobbing singers different from the average want to be pop star is a great work ethic and the knowledge that, no matter how good you think you are, you can always improve. It pains me to see singers on reality shows well before they are ready for local auditions let alone national T.V.

So, if you can come down from the clouds and really do wish to work as a singer at weddings and function etc, my advice is as follows:

You will need a VERY well rehearsed set. In the age of the internet, recommendations and good feedback are essential to a long career so ‘blagging’ it just won’t do. Your song choices should be made with the customer in mind and NOT you. The trick is to find a happy medium between singing songs that you love and songs your audience will want to hear at their event. Don’t just pick all your personal favourites without a thought for the type of event and the demographic of your audience.

If it’s the well paid wedding market you wish to pursue then think about the 3 parts of the ‘big day’ you can offer your services to. In church at the service, if you can sing classical or other appropriate styles then offer to sing as the bride enters, as the happy couple sign the wedding register and as they leave the church. Similarly at a civil wedding ceremony. I find the bride and groom have a good idea in advance what kind of music they wish to hear at this all important part of the day.

During the wedding breakfast, couples often like to create a laid-back atmosphere so jazz and swing always goes down well. Be clear in advance as to whether you should be low-key and unobtrusive or if the bride and groom expect you to liven things up straight away.

If an evening reception is planned, it’s usually then that a party atmosphere is wanted so choose your ‘floor fillers’ wisely. Be sure to speak to the DJ if there is one present and ask them in advance if possible to avoid playing half of your set list before you go on.

You can charge separately for these performances or put together a few wedding day packages to choose from.

Corporate events are also great paying gigs but you will find it a difficult market to crack, especially for a beginner. The best way to get this kind of work is to get yourself a professional booking agent. Be sure to use a reputable firm and check to see who their list of clients are. You will be asked to sign an agreement before you start to get work so be sure to read the small print or better still, have an appropriate legal professional read it for you.

Avoid being tied down to an ‘exclusive’ arrangement with any one agent as they may hold you back instead of getting you the work they promised to. You need to be free to take bookings from more than one agent and find work yourself if you are going to get enough work to make a full-time living.

Expect to give 20% of the fee plus V.A.T. to your agent per gig. The agent will require good quality photographs of you, some excellent sounding demo audio tracks and possibly video footage. Write a great sounding biography about yourself and try not to exaggerate your experience too much.

There is also some remnants of a live music scene left in the bars, pubs and clubs of most towns and cities and this is a great place to start. Learning your craft in front of a rowdy bunch of revellers is the best way to get good quickly but it’s not for everyone and definitely not for the faint hearted.

Good quality backing tracks are available from audio stockists and via the internet. You will need a reliable playback source such as a laptop or iPad. CD players are too temperamental for live work so invest in something good enough for the job. Your P.A. or Public Announcement system should be of sufficient power to give a good, clear and audible mix of your vocals and backing tracks. Don’t feel you need to make peoples ears bleed but have enough power to fill the room in the types of venues you will be playing in.

Speak to an audio professional, don’t just buy gear from eBay that you don’t really know much about. Get the ‘spec’ list, take time to learn a little about what does what, then go shopping.

Your equipment should be regularly P.A.T. tested (portable appliance tested) by a qualified person to keep you and your audience safe from electrical faults. Be sure to insure your gear and insure yourself against public liability too.

So, you’re all set. You have the songs down, the gear ready, the act rehearsed, so DON’T turn up in jeans and a T-shirt and let yourself down. Think about the event and the type of venue and get it right.

Who knows, you may even get ‘spotted’ by that music industry mogul you dream about but if not, what’s wrong with being a wedding singer? It sure beats working for a living!

Good luck and see you on the circuit.

Tips for Outdoor Wedding Makeup

1. The Importance of Primer:

Whether or not you wear foundation, primer is an important base for anything you put on your face. It will help keep you shine free while preventing caking, creasing, and sweating of your makeup. A couple of our favorites are Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Foundation Primer Pore Minimizing $16-39; and Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer $20 – this one’s great for long-lasting eye shadow!

2. Let Your Face Breathe:

For outdoor weddings, try to avoid thick foundation and moisturizer unless absolutely necessary. Painting your face won’t reflect the real you, and it’s also more likely to leave you smudged, oily and uneven. Sometimes a thin veil of lightweight mattifying powder foundation is all you need. With a kabuki brush, apply this power player by Make Up For Ever for a flawless finish: Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation, $36. And ladies, please, stick to shades that match your skin tone. Lay off the two-shades-too-dark foundation and orange-y bronzer so that your neck isn’t a distinctly different color than your face.

3. Go Easy on the Blush:

If it’s warm outside, your cheeks will tend to be naturally rosy, especially if you’re a bundle of nerves. A single sweep of powder blush or a tiny dab of cheek stain may be an option but, again, a little goes a long way in natural light! If you’re a powder blush girl, try Urban Decay’s Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush, $26. If you like the dewy, highlighting look of a blush stick, we love The Multiple by Nars, $39. And for a one-and-done, truly low maintenance experience, try (sparingly) Benefit’s cheek stain, Benetint, $30.

4. Shield Your Face from the Sun:

Decorative paper fans or small parasols are a creative way to block the rays, and they look cuter in photos than sunglasses (which also mess up your makeup). This could be one of your gifts to your bridesmaids! Go the extra mile by applying a non-oily SPF under your foundation or find a lightweight BB cream which includes SPF (like Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm with SPF 45, $39). No one wants to look like a tomato in the pictures.

5. Blotting Papers:

Oil blotting sheets are a necessity to have on hand, and they’re compact enough to fit in your clutch. If the sun is starting to heat things up, be sure to check your compact before taking pictures and, if you’re looking extra shiny, grab an oil blotting sheet and tap it onto your trouble spots. You’d be amazed what a quick fix this is (and sooo much better than caking on extra powder). There are many varieties of blotting papers – you can get them anywhere from Sephora to CVS (Clean & Clear brand) and they range from $5 to $10.

6. Hairspray Works Wonders for Setting:

You might not expect to see hairspray on a makeup tips list, but you’d be surprised what it can do, from removing stains to setting your makeup! Check out item #11 on the StyleCaster beauty blog post, “20 Makeup Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier.”

7. Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner or Cake Liner:

Liquid eyeliner used to intimidate me, partly because I had a shaky hand and partly because it looks so bold and I was afraid to mess up (I still haven’t mastered the elusive cat eye). I always favored pencil liner until I realized how much more time it takes and how much harder it is on the delicate skin of your eyelids. Then a friend introduced me to cake liner. It’s dry until you dampen a small brush and swirl it into the cake liner, then it instantly transforms into something like a wet-dry eye shadow. Easy to apply, longer lasting, and more smudge-proof than pencil liner, cake liner is a great way to go. We love Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Liner, $24.

8. Cry-Proof Mascara:

You might think you won’t get all misty-eyed, but don’t take a chance – someone could make a touching toast that leaves you bawling! Admit it: it’s going to be an emotional day. Our favorite affordable waterproof mascara is CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Waterproof Mascara (in the orange tube), $6.99 from Target. Or, if you like the look of false lashes without the hassle and weight, try Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, sold by independent consultants for approximately $30 (and worth every penny)!

9. Smudge-Proof Lips:

Lips are tricky. Through all the talking, sipping, kissing, smiling, and licking your lips (does anyone else do that when they’re nervous?), it’s downright difficult to find lip color that won’t smudge, dry out, flake, feather, smear, or transfer. Whether you like to keep it simple with balm or glam it up with gloss, it can be annoying to keep reapplying throughout the day. Lucky for you, we have some long-lasting favorites. Tints and stains like Tarte LipSurgence Matte Lip Tint, $24, followed up with YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain, $36, are a great way to go and come in a variety of colors and finishes, so you don’t have to forego the gloss. And don’t worry, if you’re an au-naturel kind of girl and these products don’t tickle your fancy, item #9 on this StyleCaster beauty blog post will leave you with some solid advice, regardless which type of products you prefer.

10. Nails and Toes:

A mani/pedi might not count as ‘makeup,’ but it needs to last, nonetheless! For afternoon weddings, many women will get their nails and toes done same-day. It’s part of that spa-like girly bonding experience and one of the package services that ladies enjoy doing together. The only problem is, if you’ve chosen a salon you aren’t used to and they’re overwhelmingly busy, you might not always be able to rely on the quality of your service. I’ve heard sad stories of toenail polish being applied way too thick to fully dry, and then as soon as the dress shoes are slipped on the polish smudges all over the place. Or a protective top coat isn’t applied and a bridesmaid’s nail polish chips while helping the bride with her hair pins. Don’t let it happen to you! We encourage you to get your mani/pedi at least one day in advance of the wedding. Whether you like the classic look of French manicures and pink & white nails, or you’re going for a solid color that will complement the dresses and bouquets, both gel and acrylic nails are excellent options because of their durability and decreased likelihood of smudging, chipping, and cracking. Whatever you choose, it’s probably best to avoid busy designs (okay, maybe one accent nail if your dress is pretty simple). And if you really want to DIY, try Sally Hansen miracle gel, available at stores like CVS and Target for under $10.

Prepare Wedding Dress

A special occasion needs an extraordinary outfit. You need to prepare a gorgeous wedding dress for your walk down the aisle. Choosing a gown for your biggest day is an extraordinary experience. You have to select it carefully to avoid any disappointment. The longer the time, the more carefully you select the dress you want to use because you have enough time to determine the colors, accessories and model that you want.

9-12 months before your wedding, you can begin to imagine the dress you want to use. Think about your daily lifestyle and think about things that stand out from yourself. Surely, you want to look bright, sweet, elegant, luxurious, sexy, sophisticated, etc. Select the day and note the theme of your wedding party before you start looking for dress.

You need a unique design to fit your body shape. However, it is based on your budget. You can also browse for a variety of dress options in multiple wedding sites. There are many designers and styles you can choose. Then print and contact the vendor with the design you like the most. Determine your budget for the clothes and other details.

Try to find a friend who has been married and ask for references from them too. Check to see which bridal designers who can collaborate with you. Contact and make necessary arrangements, provide about one hour for every bridal that you like. While shopping, write address and designers that you like and write a description of dress and its price.

It is better if you can come back repeatedly to the bridal. In bridal, ask if the dress has been in combination with accessories such as veil and crown, and try these things. Do not be afraid if you do not find any dress you like, because you still have enough time. Specify accessories, shoes, jewelry, headdress, gloves, etc. Then, buy the accessories if it is not included.

Wedding Budget Tips

A wedding is usually one of the most expensive events to plan in a lifetime and when there is no one helping the married-couple-to-be, it is very important to create a budget and stick to it. Some weddings are intimate and not as demanding as other celebrations. They may cost less than $5,000. Other wedding plans are more elaborate, using a professional planner to lead the way, where costs sometimes exceed more than $100,000. To get an idea of the typical monetary breakdown of a wedding, below is an example of a budget set around $22,000 with a guest list of 150 attendants.


The reception is usually the most costly part of a wedding, which takes close to 50% of overall costs. When following a $22,000 budget, expect a figure around $10,780.

Photography and Videography

All newly married couples want a visual keepsake of their wedding, meaning the hiring of professional photographers is the best way to capture this very special moment. This can take up to 10% of the budget, meaning you can pay around $2,200. When ordering a video of the ceremony and reception – expect to pay extra. Sometimes, costs are about $1,320.


Flowers help create the perfect setting and mood for a wedding by infusing the scene with elegance and appealing visuals. 8% of the budget is often used – taking $1,760 of a $22,000 budget.

Bridal Gown & Groom’s Attire

When sticking to a $22,000 budget, 7% of it is often used for the bridal gown, including the accessories. This means a wedding dress may cost around $1,540. Sometimes, a bride can save money by spending less on their dress or choosing a custom-design by the local tailor. Usually, the rental of a tuxedo including accessories takes up 1% of a budget, which may cost $220 or so (depending on where the attire is rented).


In order to have guests working up a sweat on the dance floor, music is needed, which usually involves the hiring of a DJ, which often takes 6% of a budget (about $1,320). Rent a wedding band and you may spend 4% of your budget ($880).


In order to alert family and friends to your special day, invitations are needed, which take up about 2% of funds. This may cost around $220 when working with a $22,000 budget.


Depending on how you wish to travel to and from the ceremony, you may spend $440 (or 2%) of your budget. Cutting costs take place when chauffeured drives are substituted with self-drivers.

Miscellaneous Expenses

5% of your budget should be set aside for miscellaneous expenses, which may include the cost of the marriage license, blood tests, fees for officiating, gratuities, and other charges. This means spending $1,100 of a $22,000 budget.

Overall, this is an example of a wedding budget of $22,000, but this is not a set-in-stone breakdown, as many couples find numerous ways to save money. Also, brides and grooms often decide to spend more money in one area of planning than other

Yolanda is the owner of Yolandas Wedding Favors. She sells many different types of wedding favors such as, love glass coasters, two peas in a pod salt and pepper shakers and many many more. Yolandas Wedding Favors also carries many different Cheap wedding favors for the budget minded. So if you need unique wedding favors then we got you covered.

Wedding Videography Tips for Brides

Beautiful films that tell a love story or what the day means to the couple are always valuable and exciting. Wedding videos can be full in that they cover the wedding ceremony in entirety, including speeches and everything in between or they can be short just highlighting the couple as individuals and as one. Your preferences should guide you in making the best videos you will enjoy years after the wedding.

Even though everyone attending the wedding is important in one way or another, the bride seems to always take the day. All eyes are usually on the bride and as the bride you need to be at your best in the wedding video. A little preplanning can go a long way in ensuring that your wedding videographer accounts for every frame.

Tip 1 – Let your videographer know about lighting in the wedding venue and if possible let them visit the venue before the wedding. This is a simple way of ensuring that they are able to capture the clearest images possible in relation to the lighting conditions.

Tip 2 – For indoor venues, make sure that your videographer is conversant with low wattage camera features so that he is able to diffuse light and spread it evenly for best video results. The lights should be turned up for special moments such as cake cutting, toasts, garter removal and bouquet tossing.

Tip 3 – To make outdoor wedding videos stunning, ensure that you are not in direct sunlight as a couple because this only washes out the vibrant colors making your wedding video dull. Consider canopies and shady areas that allow some light, but keeps direct sunlight out.

Tip 4 – Avoid chewing gum and other habits that do not come out well on video. It also helps to request that the bridal party keeps off such habits; provide mints if need be to avoid chewing gums moments. If you are working with a professional wedding videographer, you do not have to worry about unsightly eating, smoking or gum chewing moments on your video because they know best not to record such.

Tip 5 – Be as natural as you can and request same ease from the bridal party. Reacting to camera presence is not advisable so avoid turning back on camera or waving and smiling too hard when the camera rests on you. It is advisable that you look at the photographer rather than the videographer unless otherwise requested when you are not very sure of where to look.

Tip 6 – For unobtrusive shots during the vow exchange, face each other as a couple or face the guests rather than the officiator of the wedding. If this proves to be a challenge, then your videographer should use small hidden cameras in strategic ceremony location areas to get multiple camera angles he can incorporate when editing the video.

Tip 7 – If the ceremony has key moments such as unity candle lighting or sand ceremony, make sure that you stand directly in front of a vase or candle to avoid blocking. Exchange of rings should be done in a similar manner.

Choosing The Right Wedding Dress for Plus Sizes

There are certain tips to follow to find the perfect wedding dress that will give you a stunning silhouette. If you are on the plus size, then you are going to want to choose a dress that will make you look taller and more slender. There are some tricks to try to identify which of these gowns will work best with your shape, whether you have an apple or a pear shaped body.

Firstly you are going to want to look for designer wedding dresses that have a higher waist. Something that has a band just below the bust and then flows from there can be very flattering on a plus size. You will also take attention away from your waist and help focus on the dress as a whole. These types of gowns also provide you with a stunning finish, making you look more slender and ensuring that you feel special on your day.

Try and choose an ankle length gown that isn’t too frilly and fluffy. Basically steer clear of princess style dresses and rather choose something along the sophisticated line that hangs effortlessly from the waist band to the floor. Whether you choose white or off white, you will find that choosing a longer gown will leave you feeling more elegant and sophisticated, feeling beautiful and making the impact you wanted to make on your special day.

Don’t hide completely. Just because you are a plus size, doesn’t mean you cannot show some skin. While you will probably want to stay clear of a strapless wedding gown design, only because they can be so frustrating and leave you pulling up the gown all day long, rather go for something with slightly off the shoulder straps or a spaghetti style strap, showing some skin and moving the focus to your neck or bust area. Ideal if this is your feature you like the best.

The dress you choose needs to be comfortable. Remember you are going to be wearing this wedding dress for hours. You will wear it during the ceremony and throughout the reception, though you may choose to change right at the end of the day. Being comfortable is important. This is a day you want to remember and the last thing you want is to find yourself wanting the day over so you can get your dress off.

A good idea is to try on a number of wedding dresses at the bridal store and move around in them. Most women will try on and then stand in front of a mirror. That is fine. But try walking around the store in the gown, sit down for a few minutes and get a real feel of the gown before making any decisions.

Stay away from ruffles and frills. Ruffles and frills are only going to add volume to your size, which you are trying to avoid. Choose straight and smooth lines, something that makes you feel pretty. A good option is to take someone wedding dress shipping with you, get them to take photographs of you in the dress, so you can get a good idea of how each dress fits, but also how you are going to look in your wedding photographs.

Try and choose a company that provides you with a complete service, including alterations, so you know the dress will fit to perfection on the day.

Here Comes The Bride is a bridal shop with over thirty years’ experience. This San Diego store offers a full service couture bridal experience to brides to be with over three hundred affordable designer dresses to choose from. Here Comes The Bride offers a personalized tailor experience with their own custom fitters, sewers, pressers and beaders. This company is dedicated to helping brides look spectacular on their special day.

Tips On Wedding Color Selection

Brides know that their wedding colors really help to set the tone for the whole event. After all, we all know that a silver and gold wedding is going to be formal, a pink and green one preppy, and a red and green wedding Christmasy. But not every bride knows the secrets to choosing a wedding color palette that really works. These tips on wedding color selection will get you off to a great start.

The first thing to keep in mind is that people get tired of seeing the same old, same old. While there is something to be said for wedding classics – roses, pearl bridal jewelry, limos – you also don’t want your wedding to be completely predictable. A great way to avoid this potential pitfall is to choose wedding colors which are unexpected. So perhaps instead of decorating a fall wedding entirely in the standard autumn leaf colors like orange, yellow, and red, you could decide to have an aubergine and sage green color palette. It would be just as appropriate for the season, but your wedding won’t look like every other fall wedding. The same idea can be used as a springboard to break away from the most predictable wedding color schemes.

Another excellent tip when selecting your wedding colors is to avoid palettes which are visually jarring. Very high contrast combinations like black and white can be hard to live with, and may not look the best in the wedding pictures. It is perfectly fine to choose a high contrast duo as your main design focus, just add in a third accent shade which falls somewhere in the middle. For instance, a black and white palette could be softened with the occasional hint of blush pink for a vintage romantic feeling, or accents in apple green for a fresh modern style.

Overly vibrant color palettes should also be approached with caution. While it is great to have festive and upbeat hues for the wedding flowers and decorations, too much of a good thing can be overwhelming. Always build in some visual places for the eye to rest. If your color scheme is hot pink, mango, and lime, temper it with plenty of crisp white. A yellow color scheme can be toned down with touches of gray or soft creamy shades. This way, you will retain the over all vibrancy of your signature colors while making it a color scheme that is easy to live with.

Something else to keep in mind when choosing the colors for your wedding is that they should reflect who you are more than what the latest trends happen to be. Every couple of years, a color becomes so popular for weddings that it gets done to death, and it ends up feeling very unoriginal. The Tiffany blue wedding trend is a case in point. You are far better off designing a wedding color palette which is meaningful to you personally than slavishly following what you see in the bridal magazines. If you love the romantic vintage look of lace and pretty pearl bridal jewelry, choose a soft combination of apricot, cream, and dove gray.

Or perhaps you have a sentimental attachment to a color, such as your grandmother’s favorite shade of Wedgewood blue. This could be a fantastic inspiration for your wedding color scheme. When the colors are meaningful to you, the whole wedding design will feel more personal.

Wedding Car Hire Service

One concept that is becoming widely acceptable across the globe is the wedding car hire service. It has become the general way of doing things when it comes to the organization of such ceremonies in almost all cultures and customs. The said cars are different from others in the rental automobile business in that they must be decorated well to make them fit for the occasion.

These wedding car hires come in many kinds because some people would love to have the highest possible standard that oozes of luxury. They want to experience the best on this greatest day in their lives. So the car will be a limousine that comes with a well groomed chauffeur to drive them around and make them feel on top of the world.

Another one is the vintage vehicle style; this will be an old automobile of many decades that has been reclaimed to look absolutely beautiful.

Most couples will go to view the type of vintage vehicles which might include something like an old style 1947 Jaguar MK, the 1962 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud and such like cars. These are usually viewed as a sentimental symbol to the couple to celebrate their anniversaries.

Other couples would like to combine the feel of the limousine luxury plus the fadeless memories that can only be captured in the elaborate design of a vintage car. This is why they would pay a leg and an arm to hire the Antique Rolls Royce limousine. They picture this as the ultimate joy of holding a fairy tale type of wedding.

If you think that is all there is, and that the limousine plus vintage Rolls Royce is it, you are wrong. Picture this other version of a horse drawn carriage that was used in most outstanding English Style weddings. It is actually the latest trend in luxury weddings.

The types and styles are many and varied for the rental agencies to give you what can suit your taste and kind of budget.

Be on the lookout for the frequent seasonal discounts that are often offered by some agencies. They would enable you to save something like 20% of the usual cost. It is good to do a bit of research before you can settle on one, and also ask your wedding planner to find the best options.

Wedding Photography Service

Soughton HallWedding Photography By Ashton Photography

Photography is an art. However, the skills of photography have to be sharpened to produce quality results. Wedding photography is a lucrative and enjoyable profession, which can also be demanding and stressful. Some photographers find it to be exhausting, time consuming and hard work while others find the opportunity to capture this memorable day and behold the pleasure the results bring to the bride and groom very satisfying. Photography if done right can also be personally and financially rewarding to the photographer. Whether the Toronto photographer is a professional or amateur applying the following tips will guarantee a successful wedding photography career. The first step requires the photographer to visit the venues where photo shooting will take place. This helps the photographer to have a general idea about the locations and to identify before hand ideal spots for taking photos.

Preparation is of vital importance in wedding photography and every Toronto photographer should know that things go wrong and having a backup plan can save the day. Carrying charged batteries, blank memory cards and identifying diversion routes can also help if the need arises. Attending the rehearsal ceremony arms the photographer with information about the lighting, order of events in the ceremony and the ideal positions to take pictures from. Professional photography requires communication from both ends. In the same way that the couple make their wishes and needs known, is the same way that a Toronto photographer should communicate his or her expectations to the bridal couple or whoever is in charge. When both parties understand each other and what is expected of them they are able to cooperate, save time and have an enjoyable stress free time.

The photographer needs to create a list with the help of the bride and groom to know the order of taking photos. This also saves time for the photographer since the list shows how the friends and family members will group themselves for group photos or family shots. This list can be complied a few days before the Toronto wedding. Time is never enough and at times people get carried away with the festive mood, which can make the photography session chaotic. The couple or family members can nominate coordinators, one from the groom’s side and another from the bride’s side to help in rounding up family members and guests in time for their photos to avoid keeping the bridal couple from the party longer than necessary.

Noting and shooting small details such as rings flowers, menus, table setting give albums extra dimensions. For more ideas a photographer can go through the internet or wedding magazines for more inspiration and ideas. Using at least two cameras and actually working with another photographer is a perfect wedding photography strategy that has better results that one photographer with a single camera. Two Toronto photographers working together move less and they are able to capture more of both formal shots during speeches and great candid shots. The photographer is also more relaxed and does not feel pressured to be all over to take all the shots. Wedding photography requires thinking ahead, proper timing and boldness to ensure all moments are captured.