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Tips Buying A Wedding Dress

11630492_1Okay so you’ve met Mr Right, he’s popped the question and you’ve planned when the big day is going to be! Apart from the natural excitement of looking forward to your wedding day there is always the thought of the huge amount that you need to plan for.

Organising the church, the reception venue, a guest list, photographer, flowers, a limousine, catering, marquee hire, table plans, speeches, the cake and so on the list goes with your dream wedding dress probably appearing right at the very top of the list!

Your wedding day and your wedding dress is possibly something you’ve dreamed about since you were little and so now the pressure is on to find that perfect affordable wedding dress. Apart from fulfilling your own desire for a beautiful affordable wedding dress you’ll also be thinking about what your husband to be will think, your mum (you must please her), dad, the rest of your family and friends.

Budget may be the first consideration, if you’re thinking of something exclusive and designer then be prepared to spend (or perhaps prepare mum and dad to spend) £1000 upwards!

There are now, of course, many online stores who offer a wide selection of quality and affordable wedding dresses. So buying a wedding dress online is a great option to consider.

There is always the enjoyment of going to your local wedding and bridal boutique and trying on a variety of dresses. On the other hand, if buying a dress online means you can get a beautiful and yet affordable dress, then what you save can be spent on your honeymoon! Spending a fortune on a wedding gown isn’t necessarily a guarantee of a beautiful one and, equally, buying a dress online at an affordable price doesn’t mean you will get poor quality.

So you are thinking of buying a Wedding Dress Online? Our top ten tips are:

  1. Does the retailer clearly indicate their location (it is wise to buy from a UK based company whom will be covered by strict consumer trading laws)?
  2. Do they respond quickly to your questions? If they don’t respond quickly then be concerned.
  3. Can they offer material samples?
  4. Do they offer a wide range of materials and colours?
  5. Can they tailor an affordable wedding dress to your size? Although do be honest with your measurements and have them done carefully by someone else.
  6. What delivery timescales do they offer?
  7. Do they have any testimonials that give you reassurance?
  8. Do they have secure online payment means?
  9. Do they offer a refund guarantee?
  10. And double check there isn’t a re-stocking fee should you wish to send the wedding dress back!

When you’ve checked all these boxes you should hopefully have a pleasurable experience buying a bridal gown online and should save money at the same time. Importantly, though, do not leave it too late to order when buying your wedding dress online because if the dress is being made for you (which all good online stores will do) it may take up to six weeks to be delivered.

Tips For Making A Wedding Plan

Wedding planning becomes fun when you have a lot of talent, time, and enough budgets for that. A wedding planner can bring out all the exiting and innovative ideas and hidden frustration by planning a fun wedding. Many people prefer to hand over the responsibility of wedding planning to professional event planners as they want their special day to be memorable for everyone. Everyone wants to have a perfect wedding plan for them. Here are some tips for wedding planning so you can arrange the event of your wedding in a nice manner.

Budget; it is one of the most important things for wedding planning. At times you have plenty of ideas in your mind but can not fulfill just because of the tight budget so it is better to plan the entire event according to the budget. Start saving for your wedding; make a separate account for your wedding budget so you can make all your dreams come true for the events. Explore on the internet about the market price of different things used in the wedding; compare prices and find good and responsible venders.

Time; you need to have enough time to plan your wedding in a perfect manner so try to plan for the wedding at least 12 months before; make sure to spread the word about your wedding so the guest would be able to plan for your wedding. Make sure your guests would be available on that date and time; if you plan much before the time you can change it to please your dear ones.

Theme: of course everyone wants to have a memorable wedding event and having an interesting theme is the best way to make it last in the memory of guests. So keep a special and different theme for your wedding. Many people go crazy while planning a theme but you must remember that wedding is an event where people of every age group come so keep a general theme in mind instead of planning a beach party or golf match.

Venue: venue should be decided as early and possible; if you have an outdoor event then make emergency arrangements for weather condition.

Invitation cards; get your invitation cards printed timely; send them to the invitees at least a week before and there are any guests expected from out of the town, send them at least 2 or 3 weeks before so they can get leave from their work. Get a few extra cards printed for emergency.

Vendors: search for good venders and ask other people about the venders who have already experienced them.

Check list: never forget to make a checklist for any event. List all the things and mark for example guests, invitation cards, décor, caterers, flowers, wedding cake, wedding dress and wedding ring, best man’s dress, master of the ceremony’s speech etc.

Keep these points in your mind to make your wedding planning perfect and flawless.

Wedding Catering Tips

Surefire Tips when Catering a Wedding

If you are engaged, you know for sure that there are so many things to do to complete your wedding planning. You may have decided on the date; but still, there are so many things that are yet to accomplish. Included here are the clothes, colors, guest list, location, reception, and of course, one of the most important is the catering options. There are so many catering options available for you but which among those options is the best? Read on and follow the surefire tips when catering a wedding.

The food you will offer your guests is one of the most important choices you could ever make for your wedding. Even if you don’t think it should be included in your top priorities, it is for the guests who will be attending your wedding party. Making a right and wise choice for your wedding catering is crucial to the success of the wedding itself. Aside from deciding on the menu that all your guests will like, you should also consider the time the food will arrive, possible food allergies one or some of your guests may have, and of course, most of all, the taste. Using a professional catering service like Crave Catering who have over 15 year experience will greatly assist in this process.

You should review and carefully study the specifics for serving great food through those responsible, reliable, and experienced in wedding catering. It would also be best to look for someone who is very versed in rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, and wedding reception.

Some other important catering tips to remember are:
1. Discuss questions with your caterer through an in-person meeting. You can also ask for references that can provide you information about their catering experiences. You should also make sure they have complete equipment to handle the number of guests that you have and see also if they have the health permits to operate.
2. If you are planning to have a destination wedding, check carefully if the catering service is included in the price of the package.
3. Do not forget about the taste. Many caterers allow taste testing of their food menu options to help their clients select the best dishes suited to the party’s needs.
4. Make sure you read reviews about the caterers you have in mind. What others think matters since the service they provide to others would more likely be the same as the service they would provide you.
5. Do not forget to sign a contract with your chosen caterer. You and your caterer should sign a contract, which includes all the details of the wedding catering.

There are so many things to plan when you are getting married. You need to carefully plan your guest list, the flowers, the food, your wardrobe, the event site, the decorations, and a lot more. It requires a lot of work. Have you already thought of the meal? If not, then you’d better start planning. Find someone to cater your wedding now! At Crave Catering Melbourne the friendly staff understand that your wedding day is the most important day of your life and the experience catering weddings over the years has paved the way for seamless, professional and sensational weeding catering.

How To Find A Good Wedding Caterer

Getting engaged is a rush. It seems you fall in love and then slide irrevocably toward the wedding. But once you’re engaged the idea of planning a wedding can seem daunting. By taking each aspect of wedding and reception planning one at a time, you can, so to speak, eat the wedding one bite at a time. Here are some tips for how to find a good caterer without going insane.

Finding the right caterer is a matter of finding out what you want. First, detail a budget. Figure out what you are able to spend and what is normal to spend on catering in your area. You’ll find this number by asking friends and acquaintances who have been through the wedding gauntlet recently and by looking online. With this information, draw up a budget for what you can afford, both per person and as a whole.

Next, take an inventory of your likes and dislikes, just the two of you. Where do you already eat? What are your absolute favorites and what can’t you stand? If you could have anything at all, what would it be? Ambrosia and caviar, barbecue and pineapple, write it all down. Don’t censor this step because you think it might not be appropriate. Just get your dreams down on paper. You can edit them later.

It is a good idea to have some concept of who you will be inviting to your wedding before you choose a caterer. You’ll need to know how many people to estimate, which will affect the budget and the type of catering you will need. You’ll also want to make a list of special needs of your wedding guests. Take into account allergies, special diets, and preferences.

Next, take some time and figure out what kind of wedding you are having and how that will affect the food. Is your wedding very formal? Is it intimate? Is it quirky? Ethnic? All of these categories will have their own kind of food. Once you narrow your wedding to a broad category–there is no need to pigeonhole it completely at this point–you can start looking for a caterer.

Ask around. Many of the best businesses, both in the wedding industry and out, are promoted by word-of-mouth. Think on the weddings you’ve been to or heard about that are similar in scope to what you want to do with your wedding. Ask the wedding couple who they used.

Once you’ve exhausted the word-of-mouth arena, move on to the phone book and internet. Perform searches for wedding caterers in your area and view their web pages. Make a list of the caterers nearby that you think might fit your needs.

Make some phone calls. This step can save you a lot of legwork. When you get the caterer on the phone, ask them some questions. Ask what size of parties they usually cater to, if they can work around the allergies and special diets your wedding guests will be bringing with them, and about how they can work with your wedding type. Ask about their cancellation and refund policies, about taxes and gratuities, and if linens, dishes, and flatware are provided. Ask if they also do wedding cakes. Ask anything here, and the next steps get easier.

Make appointments for food tasting with the caterers you like. This is a really fun part. They will trot out their best creations for you to taste. You can sit down with the chef and really get a feel for whether or not they can give you what you need for your special day. Don’t be afraid to tell them what you really want and how their food measures up to your dreams. A good chef can take your ideas and opinions and turn them into a creative masterpiece, but only if you are candid about your true feelings and desires.

Have fun and remember this is your wedding. Others may have expectations of what they want to see at your wedding, but ultimately this is your special day. Let the foods you choose underscore the magic of the bond you are creating together on your wedding day and the rest will be cake.